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Wear a Tree on your Finger - Custom Color Ring

35.25 USD / In stock.

Because everyone needs to show off how much they like trees, right?
oh, wait, you aren't a druid?
well, do you like oxygen? then you need this ring. wear it for Arbor Day!
wear it to the Hippie Commune! wear it just because!

this listing is for a custom-made-for-you version of the piece pictured.
this means there is info i need from you. i need to know ::
what kind/color metal you want the trunk/surround/band. they can all be different if you'd like.
what color you want the leaves of your tree. if you want a "winter" tree, i will use white quartz chips, to make it look iced and snowy.
what ring size you wear, or if you'd like it adjustable. an adjustable ring will have a continuous band, a sized ring will have the split band that you see in the photos.