Impatiens Designs

Simple Hoop Earrings

31.60 USD / In stock.

extremely lightweight and perfect for the girl who just got her ears pierced, or the girl who just wants to put in some earrings, and forget about them for a few days at a time.
these earrings "lock" closed, so they won't fall out, even during strenuous activity. this style of hoops are sometimes called "trainers" or "training hoops" for these selfsame reasons.

5/8" tall, from top of secure loop, to base of earring
base of earring is hammered, for stability and to work harden.

available in goldfill, rose goldfill, sterling silver, or brass.

made to order.

*due to the current costs of metals on the international market, i've had to increase the price for all my wire and metal worked pieces.

*the Gold-Filled earrings are a backorder right now, as I am currently waiting for an order from my wire supplier. feel free to order them, but the wait will be a little longer than normal.