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Rán, Goddess of the Sea Choker

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Rán is the name of Ægir's wife, and their daughters are nine, even as we have written before. At this feast all things were self-served, both food and ale, and all implements needful to the feast. Then the Æsir became aware that Rán had that net wherein she was wont to catch all men who go upon the sea.

yes the clasp is pokey-looking, but all the ends have been filed and it has been work hardened for stability. the legs can be moved around fairly easily though, to allow for more neck room.

Saga from Snorri Sturluson's Skáldskaparmál

17"; *due to the non-bendy nature of seashells, it fits more like a 15" choker.*
cream seashells, teal wire handmade nettings, handmade sterling silver octopus clasp

sterling silver, teal craft wire

this is a One of a Kind piece. there will never be another like it.