Impatiens Designs

Pink or Blue Opalite Necklace

80.10 USD / In stock.

wearing a gemstone necklace is a bit like wearing a gemstone scarf. the stones grab your body heat and then hold it against you. Opalite is a man-made gemstone, made from a stabilizer and shavings of real Opal. This is done because Opal is such a soft stone that it damages easily. shaving it and mixing it with a stabilizer ups the hardness of the stone and allows for large beads like these.

These necklaces are identical in every way, with the exception of color. They are both 19" long (princess length, hits at the collarbone), and both use the same basemetal clasp, as well as the same faceted glass rondelles. The glass takes on a different color when combined with the differing shades of Opalite, so one necklace looks like light and dark blues, while the other looks pink and purple.

19" total length
very large Opalite beads
small faceted glass rondelles
basemetal clasp