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Notes on the Overland Route Seed Bead Necklace

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Notes on the Overland Route, via the Persian Gulf and the Euphrates Valley

First Stage - Bombay to Mosul

by the Reverend W. B. Keer, for some years Harbour Chaplain of Bombay.

Taking leave of my friends in Bombay amid the greetings of Christmas-tide, I embarked on the steamer "Ethiopia" for Kurrachee, hoping to cross Syria and Palestine on my way to old England. The voyage to Kurrachee, which occupied but three days, was a very pleasant one. We had among the first class passengers two Roman Catholic priests, earnest religious men, with whom much interesting conversation passed, and when I left them one kindly gave me an introduction to some friends of his I was likely to meet in Syria.

description and name taken from source:: [link]

This necklace contains 1 half-hank's worth of beads. this means there are ~2000 beads, and as such, this necklace is rather heavy. (this is why shipping and handling charges are so high on this piece.)

17.5" ; no extender
seed beads, silver findings