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Memento Moria - Day of the Dead Locket Pendant

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We are but Dust, and to Dust we shall return.
Memento Mori - a Latin phrase translated as "Remember you will die".
also, an object, often a skull, to remind you of mortality. the victorians used memento mori as a way to remember lost loved ones.
in that vein, this memento is a locket, so that you can keep a loved one's photo, or a lock of hair inside, to keep that person close to your heart.

cameo is 20x30mm, and hand painted by me to look like a dia de los muertos (day of the dead) sugar skull. it's painted in acrylics, and is sealed.
the full locket measures 1.5" across and 2" tall when closed, opening to a full 3".
not pictured with a chain, as the idea is for you to add your own. i can include a black or coloured ribbon on request (no charge).