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Egyptian Gemstone Collar Statement Necklace

261.79 USD / In stock.

An Egyptian style collar, fit for a pharoh or his queen. This piece is made of carnelian, dyed howlite, and genuine turquoise gemstone beads. They're accented by antiqued gold beads on the top row, gold tube beads in the middle, and golden pearls on the bottom row. The bottom drops are meant to mimic lotus seeds, and they hold glass pearls in the palest of pinks, palest of blues, and white tassles. The piece closes with raw linen thread ties, which would actually be accurate for the time that collars like this would have been worn.

The top bar, which hugs the neck, is a fairly tight fit for most necks, and doesn't stretch without rippling the bottom rows, hence the ties. That said, the raw silk ties cover the wire ends of the necklace and make it very comfortable to wear.

This necklace comes in a specially-made box, handmade by yours truely. it will be well padded and the box will double as a storage and display box for the piece.

This piece is shipped insured with delivery confirmation.