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Cream, Black, and Orange Koi Pond Silver Necklace

90.96 USD / In stock.

ahh, the Koi Pond. such a relaxing place to be, just watching the little fishies swimming around. did you know that the orange color used to be very rare, and that because a chinese emperor liked that color so much, breeders started breeding for that color?
Koi are a kind of Carp, so are goldfish, which is why goldfish are the orange you always find. they're like mini-koi, so breeders capitalize on that, and try for that orange.

17.5" total length, no extender
sterling plated caps, handmade sterling clasp
bright orange, black, and cream seed beads

*This necklace is not adjustable, and fits tightly, so though it measures 17", it fits more like 15" because of the thickness of the piece.