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Adflictatio Digiti; I Hurt My Fingers Bracelet Set

53.32 USD / In stock.

hard to say, but darn it! my finger hurts!
in case you can't understand the latin, the title means "pain of the finger". i hit my first finger with my hammer while flattening the copper to make this set.

there are 5 bracelets total.
3 are thin and have a hammered finish on both sides.
2 are flattened in the opposite way, and only have the finish on 1 side.
they will fit most wrists, as they are just strips of metal that you can mold to your wrist shape.

if you'd like, i will seal these with some clearcoat before i send them.
if you don't specify, i'll send them as is.
it will take a couple extra days to get to you if you want them sealed, as they will need time to dry.

As you can see from the numerous variations available, i can make these in other metals easily.

These sets are also available for wholesale ordering. Please contact me for wholesale pricing.